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is a website totally dedicated to educational purposes. We guarantee you high-quality study materials for every product based tech interview as well as interview experiences and all off campus job opportunities. Come and practice to get an edge over all your competitors.

With the growing competition for getting jobs in this competitive society,there are very less resources which provides exact study material,guide,roadmap as well as experiences for the Information Technology based organizations.At icoders we try to provide you authentic as well as recent interview questions and interview experiences to you so that all our viewers can excel in their interviews.

About Me

My name is Aditya Sinha and I am from Raniganj,West Bengal. Currently, I’m pursuing my B-Tech in Information Tehnology(IT) from Asansol Engineering College. I have done my schooling from S.K.S Public School located in Raniganj. I love creating unique Data structure and algorithmic questions and sharing it with others. I am an optimistic person and takes every think positively. Defense News,Automobiles, Cricket, Creating websites, and solving Data structures and algorithms is my hobby. I am very interested in Website Building but my passion is to start my own Tech Startup.

So friends in short icoders.in website is an attempt to help you in your success and to fulfill your dreams by cracking any exam which you are preparing for. I wish you all “All The Best”.

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