TCS Interview Experience through Codevita | Off Campus 2020

TCS Ninja Interview Experience

About Company

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian IT services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.It provides IT services and solutions to its client As of February 2021 TCS is largest company in the IT sector in the world by Market capitalization outperforming Accenture.TCS is an Service based company,it recruits freshers through

  1. Codvita
  2. TCS NQT

Codvita:It is an global Coding Data structure and algorithmic contest held every year which focuses on more coding knowledge.

TCS NQT:Nationals Qualifier Test is test for Indian student which focuses on Aptitude,Communication skills.Is focuses less on Coding.

My Experience 

After cracking Codevita, in which I solved three problems. I got a mail from TCS to come for an interview at their Gitanjali Park offices,Kolkata.I reached there at 8 AM, as per instructions. We were made to get our documents verified. The whole deal took 2 hours.

Then the waiting began. One by one names would be called and that person would have to go in the interview room for his/her interview. To this day I wonder why the names did not follow any order, alphabetic or otherwise.

I got my turn at around 5:30 PM, I was called in the small office. There were 3 people on the panel, 2 guys and one lady. I believe the lady was from the HR department.

I sat down and one of the interviewers asked if I have had lunch. I told him I had biscuits if those counted as lunch.

1st Problem

The first question that they asked was to make a pattern. I think it was like this:

1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8 9

They gave me a pen and a white paper to solve it. I asked if I could solve it using Python, to which they answered that no one knew Python in the panel.

I solved it using C. My handwriting was a bit rough so they told me to make it clearer, and I did.

After that, they asked if I could write an algorithm to remove duplicates from a list of digits. I said we could do it in one line in Python. They started laughing and said they did not want to my knowledge regarding a language, but with algorithms.

I did the question again using C, by implementing a Hashmap through arrays.They told me to explain the code, and I did.

After that, they took a glance at my CV, asked about my interests to which I mentioned Machine Learning. They asked me the difference between ML and BI. I did not know what BI was, but improvised a bit and answered.

Then the HR lady asked me if I was comfortable with odd hours or relocations, I answered in affirmative.

The interview ended after that. A month later I got to know that I got the Job Role of Ninja at TCS.



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