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TCS Digital Interview Experience 

About the Company

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian IT services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.It provides IT services and solutions to its client As of February 2021 TCS is largest company in the IT sector in the world by Market capitalization outperforming Accenture.TCS is an Service based company,it recruits freshers through

  1. Codvita
  2. TCS NQT

Codvita:It is an global Coding Data structure and algorithmic contest held every year which focuses on more coding knowledge.

TCS NQT:Nationals Qualifier Test is test for Indian student which focuses on Aptitude,Communication skills.Is focuses less on Coding.


Codevita is a global level coding contest held every year and organized by TCS. This contest is held generally in the month of July but due to the Covid19 pandemic some delay occurred and we had this contest in the month of august.Codevita generally has 6-8 coding problems and the time allotted is 6 hours. 

Cutoff: No cutoff for participating in this contest.

Package Offered: Ninja(3.36 LPA) and Digital(7 LPA)

My Experience

I participated in the contest and was able to solve 1 problem successfully and since the cutoff was only 1 problem so I easily cleared this round and became eligible for round 2.

TCS also provides an opportunity of interviewing with them whoever clears round 1 till 2019 but this time they changed the criteria and based on different parameters they selected the students whom they want to interview (one of the parameters being the rank).

I was selected for the interview process.



The interview was conducted on Microsoft teams as due to the covid-19 pandemic the entire process was virtual.

There were 3 panelists – Technical interviewer, Manager and HR.

My interview started with my introduction and I mentioned about my projects and internship with their company.

The manager asked me what are the technologies I used in my project, what is the database I chose and why?

Then the technical guy asked me that since my project is on full stack java so I must be confident with advance java so I said yes sir pretty much confident.

Then he asked me few questions like

  • What is Maven?
  • Benefits of Maven?
  • Explain about Maven repository?
  • What is dependency?
  • What is pom.xml?
  • What is web.xml?
  • Full form of pom in pom.xml?
  • What happens when we add a dependency?
  • What are the steps followed by eclipse IDE when pom.xml is updated?
  • What is MVC?
  • Explain how I followed MVC pattern in my project?
  • Name the files which I used for Model, View and Controller part?

I answered almost all the questions and the technical interviewer was quite satisfied.

Then the Manager again asked me about tools used in my project and the database I used.

I told MySQL so he said do you know what is NoSQL database so I said yes sir then he asked me the difference between MySQL and NoSQL, examples of NoSQL databases.

In my project I mentioned about creating documents in pdf, excel and csv format so he asked how you achieved this functionality? I told him about the API I used. So he asked apart from API how can you do this so I explained him with example. Then he asked what is API? I explained with a very interesting real life example and he was really impressed. Then he asked me about REST API and SOAP API.

After that he asked me about my favourite subjects and the subjects I read in 6th sem.

Then he asked about my internship at TCS and how was my overall experience and what tools I used.

Then he started asking some common questions like whether I am open for relocation, open for shifts, about my family background, whether I have ever visited outside West Bengal etc.

Then the technical guy asked me whether I am interested in any cutting edge technologies or not so I told him about blockchain and how I gathered interest in it and then what are the projects I am going to do in future using blockchain and what are the real world applications of blockchain. I explained everything about blockchain in brief using examples.

Then the Manager asked me that whether I am open for any technology or I will be specific in choosing technology? So I said I am open for any technology then he asked me whether you will like to work on mainframe or not since it is a very old technology to which I said I would really love to work on it and then supported my answer with some pros of mainframe technology and where it is used and he was just super impressed.

He then asked me whether I am open for learning or not and how quickly I can learn so I explained about my internship where I was not aware of the technologies used in my project but I learnt them and implemented them and he seemed quite happy.

The HR then asked me about my CGPA in B.Tech and told me about service agreement.


P.S. :  My whole interview revolved around my project and my internship but it depends on person to person and depends on interviewer as well.

I was totally unaware that Digital can also be offered.


Note:   Always try to support your answers with real life examples if any.

Verdict: Selected (TCS Digital)

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