Persistent Systems Interview Experience

Persistent Systems Intern Interview Experience

Persistent Systems visited our college in the month of September 2020. Due to the covid-19 pandemic the entire process was virtual.

Cutoff: 60% (or 6.0 CGPA) throughout academics -10th,12th and B.Tech

Package Offered: 4.51 LPA, 6.41 LPA, 8.41 LPA


The different rounds were as follows:

  1. Objective Test
  2. Advance Coding
  3. Level 1 Interview (Technical)
  4. Level 2 Interview (Technical)
  5. Level 3 Interview (Technical)
  6. HR round

The process goes as follows:

  • Top performers of objective test move to advance coding round and students who just clear the cutoff of objective test move to L1 interview.
  • After advance coding round if any student fails to clear that round then they also move to L1 interview and if any student clears the cutoff then they directly move to L2 interview.
  • Top performers who cleared advance coding and L2 interview and get recommendation from L2 interviewer then they will go through another round of interview i.e. L3 interview and if they clear L3 interview as well then they are given either 6.41 or 8.41 LPA package. If they don’t get recommendation from L2 or don’t clear L3 then they get 4.51 LPA package.
  • Students who gave L1 interview moves to L2 interview and after clearing L2 interview they get 4.51 LPA package.

My interview process:

  • Objective Test
  • Advance Coding round
  • L2 interview
  • HR round

Objective Test

   It was a 95 minutes test which comprised of different sections:

  • Computer Science subjects (OS, DBMS, CN, COA) – 20 minutes
  • English Comprehension – 15 minutes
  • Logical Ability – 15 minutes
  • Coding(2 question) – 45 minutes

The objective questions were of moderate level and one can easily do it if they have studied properly during college semesters and the coding section was pretty easy as the topics covered were strings, arrays or some implementation based questions.

Advance Coding

I was one of the top performers so I was eligible for advance coding round.

The level of this round was pretty good and only the students who have done some competitive coding can find the questions on easier side.

There were 2 problem statements and we were allotted 60 minutes to complete the assessment.

Both the question which I got was related to graph theory (as per my speculation).

I solved the first question using BFS algorithm as I found it to be an application of BFS (something related to no. of connected components problem).

The second question was hard to understand but then I started solving it with BFS as it was a modified version of “Count the no. of islands” problem but there were other constraints and lack of time so I wasn’t able to pass the edge cases.

Level 2 Interview

I cleared advance coding round so directly moved to level 2 interview.

Interview has held on aspiring minds platform which is owned by amcat.

The platform was very user friendly as it already had a code editor.

Interviewer asked me to attach my resume in the chat box.

Then he asked me to introduce myself briefly.

 He gave me a problem statement which was related to pattern printing and asked me to code that using any of the programming languages I prefer.

I did it within 5 minutes then he asked me to explain it and I did it with ease and then he asked why I used range() function (as I used python3 for coding).

Next there were some oops and dbms related questions.

  • Abstract Class
  • Interface
  • Difference between abstract class and interface
  • How to call parent class constructor from child class
  • Perform inheritance on abstract class
  • Things to keep in mind while inheriting abstract class
  • Asked me to implement Run-Time polymorphism by taking any example
  • What is normalization?
  • Types of normalization
  • Why do we need it?
  • 2-3 SQL queries were also asked to write in the code editor.

Then he gave me another problem statement which was related to string and it was of moderate level and I was able to solve that as well with ease and then explained him the approach.

He asked me to write one mode SQL query which was related to JOIN and I completed that in no time. He seemed quite satisfied with my approach.

In the meantime he was also asking few questions like where is my hometown, what language I speak etc as he was really friendly.

The entire interview was really nice and the interviewer seemed quite convinced with my performance.


HR interview

After 2 days of L2 interview I received a mail that I will be going through a HR round.

The interviewer asked about myself and then he asked about my internship with TCS(as I have done an internship with TCS and I mentioned in my intro).

Then he congratulated me for my selection in persistent and informed me that I have been selected for 4.51 LPA package.

P.S. : No one from the pool campus got a higher package. Everyone who got selected in persistent were offered base package.

Verdict: Selected (4.51 LPA)

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