L&T Infotech Interview Experience

Larsen and Toubro Infotech

About the Company

Larsen and Toubro is an Indian Information and Technology company headquartered in Mumbai,India.It is Mid sized IT company which provides IT solutions and services to its clients.The company is ranked 6th among all IT companies in India in terms of its export values.LTI share prices are also one making higher profits.L&T Infotech recruits freshers from all over India from different colleges.

My Experience

L&T Infotech was the first company which I appeared for, and fortunately it was the last one. I had no previous interview experience and I was pretty nervous. I had skipped the previous 4 companies because of this nervousness, but this time my friends forced me to attend it. And I'm extremely grateful that I listened to them.

So I started preparation. I looked up the internet and found out the interview experiences. There are four major rounds. Quantitative and aptitude, basic coding, general discussion and HR interview. But there was a twist. Those who could clear both the rounds would directly go to HR. And those who will just clear the first round will have to appear for the GD and then from there students will be shortlisted.

I practiced some Quantitative aptitude from online websites. And I have been solving algorithms on Hacker-rank for the past few semesters. So I was prepared for it. But still I was nervous.

Interview Day

Finally the big day arrived and I went to the location of the exam and found out there were about 1500 students appearing for the exam. I got more nervous but tried to stay calm.

We had to appear for a small interaction session with the HR and then we went in for the Exam. The questions of Quantitative aptitude were pretty easy. I got all of them right. Believe me if I could get it right anyone would. The difficult part for most students was the coding round. Out of 600 students who gave the exam in my slot, only 11 could run the code. The program was simple but it required proper skills. Luckily for me I was able to solve the code in first attempt and was waiting for further instructions.

Soon the results were declared. As I expected I was shortlisted for direct interview and was asked to leave for the day. The rest students were still there waiting for the GD. The GD occurred on the same day and went up till 3 A.M. the next day.Those who could solve the coding question, were considered for a developer role that paid 4.2 LPA, while the rest would be considered for for 3.5 LPA Job role in LTI.

HR Round

I came in for the HR interview next day. And by this time I was extremely nervous. I was prepared but it was the first time so I was loosing my nerve. I was called in first. And in there only one interviewer was sitting. I entered and greeted him politely and then he asked me to sit.

We discussed about my curriculum vitae. He said that he liked my name and wanted to know the meaning of it. So i explained it to him. And then he asked my some rapid fire questions about my projects and studies. Then he got up from his chair and congratulated me and said that he wants to see me working under him pretty soon. That was a relief and I greeted him politely. And all this happened in just 3 minutes. Yes. Just 3 minutes. I realized he was not interested in my skills much, because he had already gone through my CV, he just observed my personality and my way of communicating, my body language and my behavior.

Yes. That's all what matters in HR round and I'm extremely lucky it went great for me. And also I'm lucky to have my friends who supported me all the time and forced me to go and appear for the test.

Be friends with supportive people.

Practice coding.

Speak to yourself in English in front of the mirror.

And be polite, confident and have a positive attitude.

You can bag any job with these.

Good luck



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