Keysight Intern Interview experience | On Campus 2020

Keysight Technologies Interview Experience

Package Offered: 8.03lpa

About the Company

Keysight technologies is an American Company dealing with Networking solutions,electronics equipment's and software's.It is an product based company developing its own software solutions and electronic equipment's.Keysight hires freshers pan India from different colleges .It usually visits college for on campus recruitment in the month of June/July.

My Experience

First Round

I received an email from Keysight Technologies stating the information regarding the number of rounds and the topic of each round. Keysight is a networking based company. First-round was of aptitude, which had three questions. First was numerical aptitude, it was of medium level. The second section was technical aptitude which had question-based on C and Java. The third section was regarding networking and it also had negative marking.

Second Round

After the first round, when results were declared, my name was on top. I was very surprised because I knew that my first round went well but I didn't expect to be on top, so the only rational explanation behind my score was that I deliberately attempted very few questions which had negative marking.
Because I did get a few questions wrong but fortunately they didn't have negative marking.

The second and third round was supposed to be an interview based on data structures,algorithms and networking respectively and the fourth round was HR round but they compiled all three rounds. 
One thing that I would like to point out is that the interviewers were very encouraging and helped me to get comfortable.

They asked me general questions at first, like 

  1. Tell Me About yourself
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Your Experience in previous round
  4. Did you liked the questions of the previous round 

I answered all the questions but the next round questions were a bit tricky. 

Third Round

Then they gave me a page and asked me to give an example of an algorithm of every type of time complexity. Then they proceeded to ask some questions on 

  1. Binary Tree
  2. Graph
  3. Linked Lists
  4. Arrays

Then they gave me a programming question, in which I had to find the minimum difference between any two elements in the array, 

First I solved it in brute force approach O(N^2) then they asked me whether I could optimize my code so I optimized it further. The rest of the interview they asked fairly easy questions such as pointers etc.

Now when I look back, the key was that I remained calm even when they kept asking me to optimize the solution further,Both in terms of space complexity and time complexity.

Now at the time of sharing my experience, I have successfully completed my 1-year internship and have been working as a full-time employee for 2 months, and so far it has been sort of an amazing learning experience, I have learned many new things and I am really enjoying my time here.



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