DXC Technology Interview Experience | On Campus 2020

About DXC Technology 

DXC technologies is an American IT company which provides IT solutions and B2B services to its clients.DXC Technology visited our college in the month of September 2020 for on campus recuitment. Due to the covid-19 pandemic the entire process was virtual.

Cutoff : 60% (or 6.0 CGPA) throughout academics -10th,12th and B.Tech

Package Offered: 3.6 LPA

The different rounds were as follows:

  1. Objective Test
  2. Interview (Technical)


Objective Test

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Essay writing
  • Automata Fix

The Objective Test was conducted on Amcat platform.The questions were of easy to moderate level.In automata fix section 7 programs were given and we needed to debug those programs and remove all the logical and syntactical errors.

Everyone who cleared this round received communication from DXC on the same day and I was one of them.


Interview was held on aspiring minds platform which is owned by Amcat.The platform was very user friendly as it already had a code editor.Interviewer asked me to attach my resume in the chat box.Then he asked me to introduce myself briefly.In my introduction I mentioned about 2 projects and my internship at TCS.

He started asking me about my internship:

  • From when I am doing it?
  • What are the technologies I worked on during this internship?
  • What was the overall project?

Then he moved to my project which was built using advance java so he asked me things I used for Front end and Back end and the database I used.

Then he asked me whether I have been coding for quite some time or just did coding for this project? To which I answered that I have been into competitive coding from past 2 years and have been an active participant on different online platforms.

He seemed quite impressed. Then he asked me about Computer Network and I told that I am not that confident but I will try to answer.

He asked about OSI model and its different layers and then asked me to brief all of them.

I did it with ease and then he asked me which protocols are used in Transport Layer so I mentioned about TCP and UDP then he asked about the difference between the two.

I answered it so he asked if TCP is more reliable then why is UDP used and if data loss occurs then which layer takes care about the same if UDP is used. I guessed the answer and it was almost correct.

Then he asked me about multitasking, multi programming, multi threading, advantages of multi threading.

Then he again started asking about my internship that whether I am going to get full time offer from TCS after this internship or not to which I said nothing as such is written in the Intern Service Agreement.

Then he asked me about Unit Testing (from Software Engineering). I answered it so he asked me the tools required for doing unit testing in Java. I answered it and then I told I am trying to implement unit testing in my project as well so he was really impressed.

Then he asked whether you know about Cloud Computing? I explained the basic concept I knew about cloud along with some examples.

Then he asked about IOT? I explained this too with basic applications in real world.

Then he asked about my favorite subjects and I told him about DBMS, DSA etc.

Then he asked me what you know about DXC so I told everything I got to know during pre-placement talk.

So at last he asked me whether I have any questions or not so I asked about growth opportunities at DXC? So he told me you are a bright student with internships in hand and along with that you are doing projects as well and good with core subjects so it will be very easy for DXC to channelize you and to allocate you in different exciting projects.

Verdict: Selected (3.6 LPA)

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