Apple has recently announces WWDC 2017, and being Apple Developer myself this is the news that really exits me. I receive email from apple as a part of Apple Developers program. Below is the exact line which seems really thrilling me.

Technology alone is not enough.
Technology must intersect with the liberal arts and the humanities, to create new ideas and experiences that push society forward. This summer we bring together thousands of brilliant minds representing many diverse perspectives, passions, and talents to help us change the world.

On last WWDC 2016 apple announced iOS 10, watchOS 3, Swift 3 and TVOS which was really exiting. So any guesses whats in for 2017 ? Well before going into that rumours first things first :

When & where is WWDC 2017 ?

wwdc 2017 convention San jose
wwdc 2017 convention San jose

Well this year WWDC will be held from 5th June to 9th June 2017. And this time it will be in the McEnery Convention Center in the city, i.e. in San Jose, rather than the usually city of San Francisco.

What about Tickets & price ?

Apple has not officially announces anything here for ticket prices but it is expected to be somewhere around $1599 & they will be distributed through lottery systems. But it comes with few conditions, where the person willing to buy ticket should be member of Apple Developer program. And its registration process is expected to start from 27th March.

What to Expect from WWDC 2017 ?


Well its is humoured that Apple will make couple of announcements as below :

  • MacOS 10.13

Well this will sound too obvious as in every WWDC event apple has announced its new Mac OS, thus at this WWDC is also we expect that apple will announce mac os 10.13. Apple long ago stopped naming its desktop operating systems after big cats. It’s since moved onto California locations like Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra. And this year we expect the OS name to be wine or fruit-themed codename. :P. Going on the features it is assumed to have

  • APFS File system
  • More smarter Siri
  • Homekit & HealthKit features
  • Dedicated Music app
  • iMessage

Well this is just the rumours going on. We will find out authenticity of the news at WWDC 2017 only 😛

  • iOS 11
iOS 11
iOS 11

iOS 11, well with every new iOS we experience the iPhones to be having some or the other issues and can we expect this year not to follow the tradition ? We expect atleast two new iPhone models this year. And if we go with the prediction it will have 7S & 7S Plus. But if we go with rumours we expect launch of iPhone 8. And it is also rumoured that iPhone 8 will have touch bar similar to Macbook Pro.

iOS 11 seems to have revamp keyboard as we heard the news that Apple was granted a patent in November that mentions a dynamic keyboard positioning for touch screens. The patent describes a concept in which typing “is improved by dynamically and automatically positioning the desired home-row keys of an onscreen keyboard below the user’s fingers while their fingers are hovering above the surface, thus reducing the need for the user to look at the onscreen keyboard while typing”. So fingers crossed for iOS 11 & iPhone 8.

  • iMessage

There was major updates on iMessage in iOS 11 and it is being loved by many of the iPhone users. I personally love the Heartbit, Love & kiss gesture on iMessage. So what next in messaging ? Well what if we say apple will bring iMessage to android message ? Well apple is planning to bring up iMessage app to android users. That sounds exiting dont it ? There are major updates expected in iOS 11 for iMessage and we do also expect this time apple to launch a new messaging app as well.

  • WatchOS 4
watch OS4
wwdc 2017 watch os4

Apple watch has been evolving greatly since couple of years and this year we expect watchOS to have major update. We expect Track your sleep feature as part of this update. Also it is expected that watchOS4 will announce the developer apps for watch faces. That will open up a whole new dimension for developers

  • TVOS 11

As a developer i didn’t got chance to explore the new TVOS. This time it is humoured that wish list feature will include 4K support, Dolby Atmos support, Safari for Apple TV, Home app for Apple TV, “Hey Siri” voice activation

See you all in WWDC 2017, till than happy coding folks :)