Hey folks its been a long time, I really do miss writing the blogs. But how can I resist sharing the knowledge? After all sharing is caring :) So Lets not waste time and jump into the 11 must have libraries for your next Swift 4 project.

1) Eureka :

Eureka helps you write dynamic table-view forms in a simple and elegant wayIf you intend to design a long listing form this will come handy and these days having the forms in tableview is the fashion and doing it on storyboard sucks, yes it does. So these library will save your time below is sample code on how you can achieve that.

import Eureka

class MyFormViewController: FormViewController {

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        form +++ Section("Section1")
            <<< TextRow(){ row in
                row.title = "Text Row"
                row.placeholder = "Enter text here"
            <<< PhoneRow(){
                $0.title = "Phone Row"
                $0.placeholder = "And numbers here"
        +++ Section("Section2")
            <<< DateRow(){
                $0.title = "Date Row"
                $0.value = Date(timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate: 0)




Link : Github

2) Hero (Transition Animation Library) :

If you are looking for some cool effects to open the view controllers or if you are looking out for the animation to open a view controller than this is  the perfect library for you. :)


Link : Github

3) FaceAware :

Sometimes the aspect ratios of images we need to work with don’t quite fit within the confines of our UIImageViews.

In most cases we can use AspectFill to fit the image to the bounds of a UIImageView without stretching or leaving whitespace, however when it comes to photos of people, it’s quite often to have the faces cropped out if they’re not perfectly centered.

This library will be handy in this case :)

Link : Github

4) Skeleton view :

Are you bored of the using activity indicators or loading indicators ? If yes this is very much cool feature to show user a preview or a skeleton of your view. This is similar to Facebook skeleton when your feed is loading.

I have been in love with this cool library. You should try this in at least one of your project.


Link : Github


Have you ever imagined how would you be handling the massive never ending data to be displayed on the view controller ? Well this library would save you a big time. IGListKit is data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists. Also, it helps you to not ending with Massive View Controllers in your app. Moreover this is developed by Instagram developers so never doubt on its unit testing :P. By the way i would also be writing the blog on unit testing sooner. :)


Link : Github

6) Expanding collection view :

Well you might be wondering what’s new here ? We all end up using the collection view and we are bored of using it and expanding collection view would be more like the expanding tableview which will expand the content. But no here you go wrong. This is coolest ever collection view I have used in my career. Dont believe me ? Have a look yourself :preview

Link : Github

7) ViewAnimator :

You can now animate your views with single line of code, how cool is that ? Well that can be done easily by this ViewAnimator library.

Here is the code snippet

let animation = AnimationType.from(direction: .top, offset: 30.0)
view.animate(animations: [animation])

Link : Github