Apple has been always improvising the iOS & developer tools this time keeping in mind the smaller size devices like 8 GB & 16 GB iPhone’s, it has come up with new concept called “App Thinning”. Yes thinning as the name suggest, now app developer can thin down the app sizes. You heard it right you can now decrease the size of the Application. But how ?

This is very simple concept, we as a developer has been using device specific images & resources, imagine what if app store can deliver device specific images & resources to your app. This can actually “THIN” your app size.


In Universal App the app size is more as it will include all device resource but we can reduce that size in device specific app build as we can see in above image. To get more clear understanding lets look at below images :


When we will use App thinning feature it will actually use App Variant feature which will reduce the App size by providing device specific images & resource. For that we must use Image Assets & use slicing feature of the new xCode 7.

Thats not it we also have App Request tags to mange heavy resources which will be downloaded when needed and not at the app install. Features like inApp Purchases, Game Level resource. Below is the flow chart for the same.



This definitely looks exiting isn’t it. I am already curious to use this feature. Are you ?


App Thinning

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