So today I decided to start the blog with this first note of TOP 10 must have library to be included in your next iOS project. I wish i could have read this post before starting my next project. Anyways to cut it short below is the list of top 11 library which i would want you to use in your next project

  1. AFNetworking
    AfNetworking is one of the most popular third party library that most of the developers prefer to use. The main reason that i prefer to use AFNetworking is its easy & provides completion blocks.
  2. MBProgress HUD
    MBProgress HUD is the loading indicator which is popular amongst the developers. Again its easy on syntax and looks great :)
  3. GCDiscreetNotificationView This is very similar to android Toast message and its userfull to convey any message to user without having user interactions
  4. EGOTableViewPullRefresh
    Most of the application now use the Pull to refresh feature and if you wish to make your coding easy i will recommend to use this plugin
  5. ShareKit
    Every application will have the Share to FB, Twitter, LinkedInn functionality and you can achieve this very easily through this third party plugin. Its very popular amongst developer
  6. REFrosted Menu
    REFrosted Menu is very sweet on eyes and easy on coding part. Also customising this menu is dam easy. I will recommend this to all my fellow developers
  7. SDImageView
    For the new bee developers Image caching and loading is a big headache and this is the perfect medicine for them to recover 😛
  8. IQKeyboardManager

    IQKeyboard adds next previous buttons to the textfield automatically without writing single line of code and it will handle the scroll automatically.

  9. Action sheet Picker Control

    Action sheet picker is another easy way to load the picker view in action sheet

  10. Rating Controller

    Sometimes we need to add rating control in our project this library comes handy

  11. JDFPeekaboo

    Facebook app hides the header bar as we scroll down and shows it as we scroll up. If you need same functionality this is the library that you are looking forward.

11 must have library for your next iOS Project

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  • For the better learning (core funda) we should always avoid third party library.

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